Your parents love their daily walks, but windchills and temperatures make it impossible to go outside for more than a few minutes. What are the best ways to get exercise when it’s bitter cold?

Bundle Up for Quick Walks

If it’s possible, bundle your parents up and go for a quick walk to the mailbox and back. They’ll benefit by breathing in fresh air for a few minutes, but they’re not risking frostbite with a long walk.

Every few hours, plan another quick walk outside. Over time, they’ll get the same amount of outside walking in. It just takes multiple trips.

Put on a Fitness Video

Many video streaming services offer free fitness videos for all fitness levels. Your parents may need a workout geared towards older adults and beginners. They might want to do a chair workout, and those are all available.

Mix up the types of exercises they do. They could enjoy a Tai Chi workout one day and a Chair Yoga workout the next.

Walk Up and Down the Stairs

If your parents can walk up and down stairs without risking a fall, have them do so. The repetitive trips build up their heart rate and work up the legs. It will give them a solid workout in a shorter amount of time.

They may not be able to safely go up and down the stairs. Instead, they can walk laps around the house. They could walk up and down a hallway or around a room or two.

Go to the Mall

Put on a mask and go to the local mall to walk laps. Some malls open the doors early for those who want to walk laps before shoppers fill the wings and walkways.

Invest in a Treadmill

Consider getting a treadmill. You might spot one being given away on online marketplaces. With a treadmill, your parents can walk whenever they want.

To make them feel like they’re outside, you can open a window and put on a walking video that makes it seem like they’re walking through a city or along a mountain trail.

Who Supports Them During the Day?

When you’re at work, who helps your parents at home? Personal Home Care at home aides can join your parents each day or a few times a week. They’ll have someone to encourage them to follow a Yoga workout video or drive them to the mall for their daily walk.

Personal Home Care at home helps with other household tasks like laundry, housekeeping, and meal preparation. Call a home care agency to learn more.

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