Dementia takes a toll on every aspect of a person’s life. However, it doesn’t just affect the person with this terrible disease. It affects the people around them, as well – family, neighbors, and friends.

If your elderly loved one has dementia, it is important to learn how to have better visits with them. The more you learn about how to act and what to do, the better you can deal with their disease.


Home Care Assistance Windsor, CT: Seniors and Dementia

Whenever you visit your elderly loved one, smile. If you walk in the door with a smile, your elderly loved one can feel your positive vibes. That can help to put them in a better mood. It is important to note that your elderly loved one may not remember who you are. This can be frustrating. However, re-introducing yourself with a smile on your face can make all the difference.

Using Simple Conversation

Your elderly loved one can’t comprehend long, drawn out conversations anymore. They need you to keep things short. When you go visit your elderly loved one, use simple language. Make sure you aren’t using long sentences. For example, don’t say, “hey, I know I haven’t been here for a while, but I have been working and very busy. Maybe, we can catch up on things now that I am here.” Instead, you could say, “hey, it’s me (insert name). How are you?”

If you spend time around the home care providers, you can see how they talk to your elderly loved one.

Trying Not to Argue or Correct

During your visits with your elderly loved one, try not to argue or correct them. If you start getting defensive or raise your voice, that is likely to put your elderly loved one in a defensive or scared mood. Once that happens, the entire visit could be ruined. However, if you can keep your voice quiet and understanding, things will likely go a lot smoother.

The home care assistance you get for your elderly loved one can be helpful in this regard, as well. That is because the Senior Home Care providers can help to get your elderly loved one calm before you get there. Then, when you show up, if you can keep things calm within yourself, hopefully, that will help your loved one to stay calmer, too.


These are some of the best tips for visits with your elderly loved one if they have dementia. The home care assistance you get for your elderly loved one can help, too. You can learn a lot by the way the Senior Home Care providers interact with your loved one. Then, you can use those same actions when you visit.

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