Self-care. Is it something you make sure takes priority as you help your dad with his daily routines? It’s not surprising if you don’t. Many family caregivers put their parent’s needs first and ignore their own. That’s the goal of September’s National Self-Care Awareness Month. It’s time to put your needs first for a change.

What is self-care? It’s self-explanatory. It’s about taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health. It’s all about catching up on any appointments you’ve been pushing aside. Visiting the friends you haven’t had time to see. And, it’s a great time to take a few days and go on a vacation.

Short on cash? You don’t have to plan an expensive vacation. Have a staycation at your home and plan small day trips to places nearby that don’t charge an entry fee. Here are some ideas of what you can do during your vacation when you’re on a limited budget.

Go Hiking or Take a Walk

24-Hour Home Care Glastonbury, CT: Self-Care Month

You don’t have to pick a challenging trail. Look at your area’s state parks and nature preserves and see what’s available. If you’re out of shape, don’t let it stop you. Look for an easy trail that’s level and well groomed. A boardwalk, a paved path in a city park, or a beach are all places that get you outside for fresh air as you walk.

Visit Your Local Library

Visit your local library and become a member, if you’re not already a library card holder. Libraries often have a selection of passes to area museums, zoos, and aquariums. You borrow the pass for the day and get free or discounted admission for yourself and your family members.

Search for Low-Cost Accommodations

If you have a little cash, head to Google and look for low-cost accommodations. You’d be surprised by what’s available within driving distance. You could find a room in a bed and breakfast or on a working farm where you’ll be surrounded by open spaces and some animals that love attention if you’re so inclined.

Stay Home and Relax

Sometimes, the best vacations are those where you don’t do anything or go anywhere. Stock up on movies or books you’ve been wanting to watch or read. Stay in your pajamas, stock the fridge and pantry with your favorite foods, and have a long weekend at home without any plans or things you must get done.

How do you take a break when you’re the family caregiver? Your dad can’t be left alone, so that means you’re stuck. It doesn’t have to be that way. Hire respite care services from a 24-hour home care agency.

While you’re away you’ll have caregivers with your dad during the day and all night. He’s never alone, and that gives you the peace of mind you need to have fun while you’re taking a break. A 24-hour home care specialist is happy to help you get started.

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