When your senior isn’t experiencing her best energy levels, she might find that it’s difficult to live her life the way that she wants to. That can be upsetting for her and it can lead to losing certain skills and abilities. It might be worth taking some time to look more closely at what’s going on to try to pinpoint what could be draining her energy.

Start with Sleep

Low energy levels often tie into sleep issues. Finding out how well your senior is sleeping now can help you to make some changes that address things like sleep hygiene and just getting better quality sleep. Getting on a steady sleep schedule is one solution that can start helping much more quickly than you might expect.

Address Dietary Issues

It’s also important to know what your senior is eating. If she’s eating a lot of convenience foods, it’s possible that she’s more malnourished than she realizes. Switching up even one meal a day for a healthier version can help so much. Elder Home Care can help your senior with eating a better diet.

Track Water Intake

But it’s not just about the food. If your senior is dehydrated on a consistent basis, that affects her energy levels immensely. Talk to your senior about little ways she can start drinking a little more water. You don’t want to give her a big goal at first, because that is going to feel more intimidating than helpful. She can work up to a bigger goal a few ounces at a time.

Consider Starting an Exercise Program

Exercise can be really helpful when it comes to building up energy levels, too. Talk to your senior’s doctor about how much exercise she should be doing. As with increasing water intake, your senior should start out slowly with a smaller goal and gradually work her way up to more activity. This helps her to avoid injury, but it also helps her to build up a consistent habit, and that’s important because consistency is what’s really going to pay off.

Don’t forget to assess your senior’s stress levels, too. When people are extremely stressed or overwhelmed, it’s difficult to maintain energy levels. Talk to your senior about what might help her. Hiring Elder Home Care providers to give her an extra hand can be enough to reduce her worries and help her to make some of these other changes.

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