Every year seniors go through the motions, which may make them unhappy or unsatisfied. Have you ever sat down with your senior mom or dad and asked about their goals or intentions for the year? This is not something that is for younger adults and teenagers but also for older adults. Setting intentions is something anyone of all ages should do. 

Whether or not you sit down with your senior or a professional home care provider helps your senior, they should start creating their intentions for the new year. This can be something home care helps with or something the seniors can do on their own. No matter which route they go, here are a few ways and tips to start setting intentions as a senior. 

Encourage a Senior to Take Time To Reflect and Write Things Out

Home Care Bolton, CT: Setting Intentions

Home Care Bolton, CT: Setting Intentions

Reflection is something you may easily do alone and on your own time. Make a quiet location free of distractions and spend some time alone. To begin, ask yourself questions about yourself and your ideals. Conversations may also help us learn a lot about ourselves. It could be interesting to form a virtual community and discuss the ups and downs of the last year. In any case, make a note of your opinions and keep track of them. Writing about ideas and emotions expressively might aid in happiness and coping. It may also help us make sense of our thoughts—you might be startled by what comes up.

Create a Space to Find Peace

Try to create a physical space where a senior can go to de-stress. This may be a perfect moment to briefly evaluate your place. Check to see if it seems quiet and if any objects are to be stored or given to others. If you’re in the mood for a bigger project, a nice refresh may help establish a serene environment. Clearing up all rooms also helps you prepare for potential future downsizing (and it’s never too early to start).

Understand Why Before Anything Else

Intentions are the ideals and aspirations that drive the action plan, not the plan itself. Intentions may operate without objectives, but goals are considerably more difficult to attain without intentions. Resolutions and aspirations without a why might seem hollow or begin with shame or comparison. While intentions might serve as the basis for goals and objectives, they lack any deadlines, figures, or concrete outcomes. The aim may be to prepare one new dish every week, but the purpose or value may be cultivating creativity or caring for my health.

Make it Feel Achievable 

While we cannot control the unexpected, we know that we may provide backup plans if our plans go awry. Setting short-term goals is one approach to getting started. It allows you to take stock after a short period (say, a few months) and see if adjusting your original intention for a new set of circumstances might be beneficial. On the other hand, when the world becomes a jumbled snow globe, having one long-term objective to which you can return might be grounding. Committing to a single topic, such as connection or bravery, may serve as motivation when faced with challenges.

Make it Memorable and Repeatable

Once you’ve decided how you want to spend the following year, having a brief phrase will help a senior remember their goals. Whether the phrases are about health, relationships, or personal progress, they must be memorable and inspirational for you. One excellent rule of thumb is that if it cannot fit on a sticky note, it will be difficult to remember and repeat. You may draw or write notes and place them about your house to assist remind yourself of your intention—and then be sure to shift them around every so often to keep them visible.

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