When seniors who are aging in place get older keeping up with the housework can be a challenge. Elder Home Care can help, because with Elder Home Care seniors have someone with them who can help the do things like get the laundry from the bedrooms to the washer, dust, do the dishes, and fold clean laundry. But for seniors who want to do their own housekeeping or who want to help their Elder Home Care provider these hacks can make everyday cleaning easier:

Get A Rolling Cart

Keeping all cleaning supplies on a rolling cart will make cleaning much easier. Seniors can just roll the cart from room to room when they are cleaning instead of having to carry cleaning supplies all over the house. And they can use the cart for extra stability when they are walking if they need to. Keeping all the cleaning supplies on an easy to access cart will also prevent seniors from having to bend over and get inside cupboards to grab cleaning supplies when they need them. And it will be easy to see when cleaning supplies need to be refilled. 

Use The Dishwasher For Cleaning Other Things

Dishwashers can be used to clean a lot more than just dishes. Seniors can use their dishwasher to wash and sanitize things like blinds,  filters, vent covers, knobs, and other things that normally need to be scrubbed. By using the dishwasher these items will get a thorough high temperate wash that will save seniors from th hassle of trying to clean those items. 

Clean In Small Chunks Of Time

Seniors can get tired out quickly, so the best way for seniors to clean is to set aside small chunks of time each day for cleaning. That way seniors won’t get too tired when they’re cleaning and they can tackle the cleaning in short increments. Setting aside just half an hour or an hour each day for cleaning and then creating a cleaning schedule will help seniors get some of the small cleaning tasks done on a regular schedule without making themselves so tired they can’t do anything else that day. Creating a cleaning schedule will also give seniors a regular schedule which can give them the routine they need to feel like they have purpose each day. 

Get Specialty Cleaning Tools

Special cleaning tools designed for making it easier to clean are fantastic for seniors. There are extension poles that seniors can use to dust and reach thing that are high up so seniors don’t have to climb ladders or use step stools to reach the tops of things. Special buckets and mops make it easy for seniors with poor grip strength to use a mob or fill up a bucket. And combination vacuums and mops can make it possible for seniors to keep up with the floor care without having to lug around different heavy tools. Talk to your senior loved one to find out what challenges they’re having with cleaning and what tools could help them.

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