Your mom lives alone, and she’s insistent that she remains there for the rest of her life. You worry about that being manageable as her health and stamina change. You don’t live nearby, so you want to make sure she always has the support she needs. Senior home care helps with that.

Others Are Checking In Regularly

Your mom’s independence is one thing, but you can’t ignore safety. When you’ve arranged senior home care, she has someone stopping by each week to check on her. Her caregiver can make sure she has enough food and that her heat is working. If not, her caregiver helps her get what she needs or arranges repairs.

She Does What She Can and Has Help With the Rest

Senior Home Care South Windsor, CT: Seniors and Independence

Senior Home Care South Windsor, CT: Seniors and Independence

Your mom doesn’t have to stop doing the household chores she enjoys. She still enjoys mopping her floors. It gives her a sense of satisfaction. She can still do that chore, but she struggles with laundry. Her caregiver can do the laundry for her.

She Has Support Remembering Medications

When your mom has a health issue that requires her to take prescription pills, it can be hard to remember to take them on time every day. Some pills require very careful dosing. Taking a pill a few hours late can impact your health. Caregivers can remind your mom when it’s time to get her pill and take it.

If she has pills that have to be taken with a meal, her caregiver makes sure that happens. If she has to take a pill on an empty stomach, her caregiver helps with that, too.

Socialization Aids Emotional, Mental, and Physical Health

Socialization has been found to help with mental and emotional health. It can also reduce the inflammation that increases the chances of developing heart disease and diabetes. With regular social calls, your mom’s physical, mental, and emotional health can improve.

Her caregiver can stop by for a chat, join her for a meal, or spend a day watching movies with her. Your mom has someone to help her engage in a hobby, play games with her, or join her on walks.

Someone Else Can Drive

As she’s gotten older, your mom’s reaction times have diminished. She might have arthritis and find it hard to turn far enough to fully check her blindspots. Or, she’s experiencing vision loss or has dementia and is no longer allowed to drive.

Giving up her car keys doesn’t mean she has to stay in her home 24/7. She has a caregiver to drive her to stores, medical appointments, and libraries or senior centers that are hosting social events.

How do you arrange Senior Home Care? Take time to create a list of questions you and your mom have. That will make the conversation with an advisor go smoothly and ensure you don’t overlook anything. Once you have those questions, have your mom close by and make a call.

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