At her last doctor’s appointment, your mom’s doctor recommends she gets more activity each day. Sitting at home knitting, while relaxing, isn’t getting her heart pumping. It’s time to look at what you can do to make sure she remains active.


Choose Outdoor Activities She’ll Love

Senior Home Care Glastonbury, CT: Staying Active

Senior Home Care Glastonbury, CT: Staying Active

What outdoor activities would your mom enjoy? If she likes indoor houseplants, gardening outside is a great hobby. If she can’t bend over or be on her feet for too long, a raised bed garden allows her to sit in a chair or on a bench while tending to her growing plants.

Your mom has always enjoyed walking. That’s a great activity, especially if she has arthritis. Get her a comfortable pair of shoes and a cane, if she needs a little support. She can walk with her caregiver in area parks, around her yard, or around the neighborhood.

How about getting fishing licenses and taking your mom fishing. She doesn’t have to stand up if you fish from a dock. Bring some comfortable chairs and enjoy time in the sun while trying to catch tonight’s dinner. Walking to and from the dock gives her some of the activity she needs.

Rent or purchase bikes and take your mom for a bike ride. If you have area bike paths, your mom can ride her bike on a path that’s well away from traffic. Make sure you have a helmet that fits her correctly.


Keep Safety in Mind

While your mom is outside, make sure she’s staying safe in the heat. Sunscreen is essential. She needs to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours or after coming out of water or sweating excessively.

Stay hydrated. If your mom isn’t drinking an eight-ounce glass of water every couple of hours, she needs to change her habits. Invest in a water bottle that has markings on it. Some have timers that flashes lights or beep when it’s time to drink more water. That can be a great way to ensure she’s drinking enough water throughout the day.


Hire Caregivers to Help Out

Senior home care services can help your mom stay active. If she finds it hard to get outside on her own, hire caregivers to spend time with her and ensure she spends time outside in the sun and fresh air. With home care aides there to remind her to put on sunscreen and drink water, she’ll be safe, which gives you peace of mind.

With senior home care aides available, your mom has someone to help with the tasks she finds more difficult to complete on her own, such as vacuuming, scheduling appointments, and doing the laundry. Talk to a senior home care specialist to learn more.


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