Older adults often fail to get enough fiber, calcium, and B vitamins. Your parents’ tastes have changed over the years. They’re becoming pickier when it comes to meals, and you’re growing frustrated. How do you make sure your mom and dad eat the meals you serve without leaning towards unhealthy foods?

Add Fiber In Surprising Ways

Your mom and dad do not get enough fiber. Have you thought about adding it to the foods they do like? They’re happy having a morning smoothie that includes frozen bananas, peanut butter, and milk. You could add a handful of old-fashioned oats to this to boost their fiber intake.

You can add chia seeds to their chocolate pudding or swap out white rice in fried rice for brown basmati rice. Those tricks all boost fiber while allowing your parents to stick to the foods they enjoy.

Sneak Fruits and Vegetables Into Their Favorites

Think about your mom and dad’s favorite foods. They love macaroni and cheese. Puree some cauliflower and mix that into the cheese sauce. Instead of the classic brownies your mom enjoys, consider mixing in some mashed blueberries and reducing the granulated sugar.

Rely on Natural Sweeteners

Your parents still enjoy sugary treats, but you know they’re unhealthy. Instead of making chocolate chip cookies the traditional way, use almond flour for the added fiber.

Use mashed banana or pureed dates for the required sweetness. There still is sugar, but it’s a fruit sugar with the added vitamins and minerals the fruits offer.

Lean Towards Soups

Your parents may not love chewing a heartier meal. Dentures may slip, and tooth and gum pain can make older adults avoid many foods they used to enjoy. Have you tried switching to soups?

Soups are easy to eat. Plus, you can get all of the essential nutrients in one shot. You can pack a soup with vegetables for the antioxidants, whole grains for the fiber and B vitamins, and milk or dairy for the calcium and protein.

Don’t Let Their Care Overwhelm You

If you’re feeling stressed and frustrated, taking a break can help. Home care assistance services include respite care. Respite care is an essential care service that allows family caregivers to take a break without having to leave their parents alone.

With home care assistance, your parents have caregivers with them while you take a vacation, have a day off, or enjoy time on your own. Call an agency to learn more.

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