Most seniors say that they would prefer to age in place in their own homes. And it’s easy to understand why someone would want to stay in their familiar home as they get older. But seniors who age in place need to be cautious about becoming too isolated. There is an epidemic of loneliness among seniors aging at home because their kids live far away, work full time, or have other commitments which mean they can’t see their aging parent as much as they want to. 

Companion care at home is a way to bridge the gap between seniors staying at home and social connections. When seniors have companion care at home they can stay socially connected to the world and get the many benefits and comfort of being in the home they love. Some of the benefits of companion care at home for seniors are:

Emotional Support

Companion Care at Home Glastonbury, CT: Companion Care

Companion Care at Home Glastonbury, CT: Companion Care

If your senior loved one has recently lost a partner or a spouse or even friends that they were close to having companion care at home can help them by providing emotional support that they need to grieve. When you can’t be there for senior parent because your job or other responsibilities a companion caregiver can be there. The additional emotional support can help your senior loved one through the acute stages of grief and keep them from falling into depression. Companion care can provide that extra support that seniors need during a particularly difficult emotional time. 

Social Connection

Human being are social creatures. People need people. And too many seniors spend their days alone for a variety of reasons. When seniors have regular companion care visits they get the social connection they need to avoid loneliness and help minimize the symptoms of depression. Talking with a caregiver, preparing meals and eating together, or going for a walk will all give your senior loved one a new lease on life and help them feel socially connected to other people again. 

Respite Care For Family Caregivers

Sometimes even dedicated family caregivers need a break. Caring for a senior loved one is difficult, especially if they have a serious or progressive medical condition. Companion care can be a type of respite care where the family caregiver gets the time off they need to take care of their own needs. While family caregivers take a break companion caregivers can step in to engage their senior loved one with conversations, activities, and fun. 

Improved Depression Symptoms

More than 18% of seniors will develop depression. Time spent with a friend who cares and who will listen to your senior loved one can lower the risk of developing depression and minimize the effect of the symptoms of depression. Depression isn’t just a mental health disorder. It can cause physical health problems too. But with companion care the symptoms of depression may be less severe and last for a shorter amount of time. With regular visits from a companion care provider those symptoms may go away entirely.

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