The holidays will be here before you know it and if you would like to have your senior parent who has dementia come over for family holiday gatherings there are some things that you can do to make the experience easier for your senior loved one. By preparing in advance to have your senior parent with dementia over to your house you are increasing the chances that your loved one won’t become overwhelmed or disoriented during the get together.

However, it’s still a good idea to have companion care at home provider attend with your senior parent. That way the companion care at home provider can take your senior loved one home if the gathering does become overwhelming for them. The best tips for having a senior parent with dementia over to your house for a family party include:

Prep The House

Companion Care at Home Enfield, CT: Seniors and Dementia

When you are getting the house ready for guests make sure that you think about the needs of your senior parent. Move area rugs so that they aren’t tripping hazards and be sure that you pick up toys, pet beds, and other things that your parent could trip over and put them somewhere else. Keep a clear path visible for walking around. If there are any steps in your home make sure they are very visible and that there is something for your parent to hang onto while they go down the steps.

Bring Your Loved One Over Before The Party

It’s a smart idea to bring your senior loved one over to your home at least a couple of times before the party so that the layout of the house isn’t totally unfamiliar to them. They probably won’t remember being there before but they will have muscle memory of the layout of the house. They’re more likely to feel at ease in your home if they have been there before.

Make Sure There Are Comfortable Chairs In Strategic Spots

Your senior parent will need to sit down more than the other guests will. Position comfortable chairs around the home so that your senior loved one never has to walk more than a few feet before finding a comfortable chair where they can sit. Encourage family members to approach your senior parent while your parent is seated.

Child Lock The Doors

If your loved one becomes disoriented or overwhelmed they may try to leave, and because you will be busy being a host you may not see them try to leave. Make sure there are child safety locks on all of the doors except the main door where the guests enter. Make sure someone is watching that main door so that your senior parent can’t slip outside alone when the door is opened.

Get Home Care Assistance

Home care assistance from a companion care at home provider that your senior loved one knows and trusts will take the pressure of off you for the night. Let the Elder Home Care provider make sure that your senior parent eat something, is drinking plenty of water, doesn’t wander off, and doesn’t trip or fall during the night.

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