Anxiety and depression are mental health conditions that many seniors struggle with. According to Mental Health America as many as 14% of seniors may have an anxiety disorder. Seniors aging in place can develop anxiety if they spend a lot of time alone or if they have a lot of stressors. But there are things that you can do to help your senior parent manage their anxiety. It’s important to note that your senior loved one may not mention to you that they are feeling anxious because often seniors don’t talk about their mental health. But if you notice the signs of anxiety in your senior loved one you can help them by:

Getting Home Care

Home care for seniors does more than just help them with various tasks around the house. When seniors get a home care visit from a care provider they have company, someone to talk with, someone to share a meal with, and the peace of mind of being able to relax in a tidy house. When seniors are aging at home they can become very upset or anxious when they can’t do the tasks that they used to do to keep the house clean and looking nice. Home care that helps with the housework and errands as well as providing conversation and company is something all seniors who are aging at home should have. 

Encouraging Them To Exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways for seniors to fight anxiety and depression. Of course, there are significant physical benefits that come from regular exercise. But there are some big mental health benefits associated with regular exercise too. When seniors exercise their brains release more of the hormones that make them feel calm and happy. Regular exercise is a fantastic way to reduce stress and anxiety. Encourage your senior parent to go for a walk every day or make time to exercise with them. 

Encouraging Them To Talk To Their Doctor

If your senior loved one is struggling with anxiety they should talk to their doctor about their symptoms. Medication may help them manage their symptoms. It may be tough for seniors to admit that they are struggling with their mental health or talk to someone about what they’re going through. But with some encouragement from their family they may realize that their doctor can help them. 

A Daily Phone Call

If you can’t be with your senior parent every day a daily phone call at a set time of the day can be a lifeline for a senior struggling with anxiety. A five minute phone call just to check in, do a deep breathing exercise, say a prayer, or ask how they are doing can do wonders for a senior that is struggling with anxiety. It can ease their fear of being alone and remind them that they have family who loves them. And it also lets them know that you are ok in case they are worried about you. 

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