The cold weather is coming, but this year keeping the house warm could end up costing a lot more. Utility bills are expected to rise almost everywhere, and in some places they could rise more than 30%. Seniors who are living at home may be worried about how they will stay warm without blowing their budget paying for their utilities. There are some things that seniors can do to be comfortable all winter without racking up the electric bill like:

Get An Electric Blanket

An electric blanket is a great thing to have when the weather gets cold. It will keep seniors warm when they are sitting and watching TV or at night when they are trying to sleep. It uses a lot less electricity than turning up the thermostat and seniors can adjust the temperature to keep as warm they like. If you have a senior loved one an electric blanket is a great gift for the holiday. Look for one that is battery operated rather than corded because the cord can be a tripping hazard for seniors. Seniors can have a corded electric blanket may want to have their in-home care provider pin or tack the cord to the blanket so that it doesn’t become a tripping hazard if they are trying to walk. 

Wear More Layers

Wearing more clothes can help seniors stay toasty warm. They can always remove a layer if they get too warm. A good fleece zip up jacket is a great thing for seniors to have because it can be worn underneath a coat if they are going out but it can also be worn as a layering piece over a tee shirt and a sweater to help seniors stay warm. 

Install Thermal Curtains

Another way to take the edge off of the winter cold is to put up thermal curtains. Thermal curtains have a special weather resistant backing that helps deflect cold air during the winter. Changing existing curtains to thermal curtains can save a lot of money on the electric bill and help keep the house free from drafts. An in-home care provider can easily swap out the curtains on the windows that are on the window now for thermal curtains that will cut out drafts and make the house feel warmer. 

Take Hot Baths

Hot baths can raise the body temperature and help seniors feel warm and cozy. Hot baths are also a great way for seniors to relax and destress. Just makes sure that seniors are using a high quality moisturizer after a hot bath so that they don’t develop dry skin from sitting in the hot water. And don’t use bubble baths, bath beads, bath bombs, or other products in the bath. They can make the tub very slippery and a huge fall rick for seniors. They also can dry out the skin. Oatmeal, lavender flowers, bath teas, and other products like that are good things to add to a senior’s bath.

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