Daylight Savings Time occurs in March, when people in most states push their clocks forward one hour. This is supposed to give everyone one more hour of daylight to do things and help save energy. Making the transition to Daylight Savings Time can be very tough physically. However a lot of people don’t mind the physical discomfort because it will eventually go away and in the meantime they have more hours of daylight during the day to get things done. The annual switch to Daylight Savings Time is also a much-needed reminder that spring is just around the corner. To make the switch to Daylight Savings Time easier for your senior loved one suggest they use that extra time for.

An Evening Walk

As soon as the change to Daylight Savings Time happens the sun won’t go down until quite late in the evening. That makes spring and summer nights the best times for a walk. Taking a stroll through the neighborhood either alone with an in-home care provider will give you senior one big health benefits. Regular activity like walking will help your senior lose weight if they need to lose weight. It will also keep your senior parent healthy with strong muscles. A daily walk can also help seniors manage the symptoms of depression.

A Gratitude Journal

Being grateful is a wonderful habit to start. Taking just half an hour each day to write down the things that they are most grateful for will change your senior loved one’s perspective and change the way that they interact with the world. Seniors can use half an hour when they first wake up to write in a gratitude journal. That will start the day off on a happy foot and help your senior have a more positive and productive day.

Learning A New Hobby

Hobbies are essential for seniors. Seniors who have hobbies are more engaged with the world around them. They make friends more easily. And they tend to be more social overall. Your senior loved one can use that extra time to learn how to sew, or how to draw, or they can take an hour then they have extra and spend it with loved ones. If your senior loved one has always had a hobby they wanted to try but never actually tried you could buy them a one month subscription to online classes that would help them hone their new skill.

Working Out

Some of the biggest health problems that affect seniors could be managed or eliminated if seniors would exercise more. Just an hour each day of walking would transform your senior loved one’s health. From keeping bones and muscles strong to losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight working out more often is a sure-fire way to keep seniors healthy and strong even as they get older. You can even help your senior loved one explore new workout ideas by finding online fitness classes and clinics.

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